About Us

Shree Ganapati Mandir Trust, AHMEDABAD
Trust Reg No: A-1077 Ahmedabad
Trust PAN No: AAATG6958P
Ph No: +91-9374003049
Manager: Kiritsinh Mogatsinh Zala
Exemption from donation U/S 80(G)(5) of the income Tax Act, 1961 up tp 31-03-2011. Section Letter No: DIT/(E)/80G(5)/574/2008-2009 dated 20-10-2008

Shree Ganesh is the first to be worshipped before beginning any new project or venture as he is the destroyer obstacles (Vighnaharta).

Objectives of Trust
  • To make proper arrangements for stay, sanitation, water, food, security and darshan of pilgrims visiting temple and temple sites of Lorg Ganesh from all the religion.
  • To help all the ill effected people from natural calamities as floods, draught, earthquake, cyclone or the effect of malicious act of terrorist, riots or any other man made calamities.
  • To provide books, notes and other educational accessories to poor and needy students.
  • To organize free medical check up camps for poor and needy persons and distribute free medicines.
  • objective of charitable nature for poor and needy, living entities, etc.

Present regular facility to pilgrims
  • The trust provide free meals to the pilgrims every day between 10.30 am to 1.00 pm. it has an arrangement to provide "Falahar" (Fating food) on Ganesh Chaturthi(Vad).
  • The trust provides tea to the pilgrims every day from 7.00 am to 5.00 pm evening.
  • Trust has 15 rooms with sanitation facility to accommodate pilgrims for overnight stay or temporary stay/rest at the temple premises which is provided free of cost to the pilgrims.
  • Temple has separate space for puja/havana etc. of the Lord Ganesha in the parisar of the temple.
  • Temple mandal makes necessary arrangement of pujas according to the choice of pilgrims.
  • Prasad - Favourite Lord Ganesh - "Laddu" are available at the temple along with other prasad.
Contact Information
Shree Ganpati Maharaj Trust
Ganpati Mandir
Ganpatipura (Koth),
Vaya Koth - 382240
Ta. Dholka, Dist. Ahmedabad
Tel.: +91-9374003049
Sankat Chaturthi Year 2018-19
Date Day Moon Rising
26-11-2018 Monday 21:05
25-12-2018 Tuesday 20:59
24-01-2019 Thursday 21:55
22-02-2019 Friday 21:40
24-03-2019 Sunday 22:23
22-04-2019 Monday 22:04
22-05-2019 Wednesday 22:35
20-06-2019 Thursday 22:02
20-07-2019 Saturday 21:58
19-08-2019 Monday 21:40
17-09-2019 Tuesday 20:49
17-10-2019 Thursday 20:45