Ganesh Choth

  • All the Ganesh Chaturthi (Vad) are festival for pilgrims - more than 3, 00,000 pilgrims visits the place for darshana on this day. The Chaturthi is considered as very sacred and pious among the believer of the Lord Ganesha.
  • Trust mandal makes an arrangement to provide "Falahar" (Fasting food) on Ganesh Chaturthi (Vad) in addition to the tea for whole day.
  • The darshan opens at 5:30 am in the morning and keeps open up to and after Chandrodaya (Rising of Moon) Arti of the Lord Ganesha in the evening.
  • Yearly - In the month of Bhadrapada from Badarva (Sud) Chaturthi to bhadarva (Sud) Fourteenth - Ganesh Sthapna (Navratri) is celebrated in the temple parisar. Special lord Ganesh murti is placed in separate mandapa - puja/arti/and different bhakti programmes are organized. At the end the Lord Ganesha is moved out in the procession in the village during day and then visarjan is done.
  • On the day of New Year Annakuta - Raj bhoga is presented to Lord Ganesha.
  • In addition to main festival of Lord Ganesha many other festivals are celebrated at the temple.

Contact Information
Shree Ganpati Maharaj Trust
Ganpati Mandir
Ganpatipura (Koth),
Vaya Koth - 382240
Ta. Dholka, Dist. Ahmedabad
Tel.: +91-9374003049
Sankat Chaturthi Year 2017-18
Date Day Moon Rising
09 September Saturday 21:10
08 October Sunday 20:37
07 November Tuesday 21:10
06 December Wednesday 20:58
04 January Thursday 20:46
03 February Saturday 21:31
05 March Monday 22:04
03 April Tuesday 21:45
03 May Thursday 22:09
02 June Saturday 22:28
01 July Sunday 21:52
31 July Tuesday 21:47
30 August Thursday 21:37
28 September Friday 20:56
27 October Saturday 20:25